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We have got new features for you!

We are excited to announce our biggest feature launch yet!

In the coming days, you will be given access to our long awaited new portal with exciting new features.

Inline Editing & Bulk Updates
You now have the ability to edit inventory inline from within the table. We have also given you multiple ways of filtering inventory, whether by make, model, body type or state.

Finally we have added the highly requested feature of being able to do bulk updates.

Statistical dashboard
Our new dashboard boasts a lot more statistics. As you log in you will now be greeted with the ability to see how your site and campaigns are performing. You now have the ability to track your spend by metrics such as how much each referral is costing you, how much each lead is costing and eventually how many sales a campaign brought you. This coupled with countless website statistics which we drill down at device level.

Vehicle Timeline
An exciting new feature which everyone is excited about is our inventory timeline. You will now have the ability to take a look at the lifecycle of a vehicle. Seeing daily statistics on how campaigns are driving interest to the vehicle, how many general views it receives and finally if price changes affected the time it took to sell the vehicle. This is our first step in our new forecasting module that will be using AI and machine learning to suggest changes to strategies based on historical statistics.

Finally our long awaited Beta release of our CRM. This is in early stages of development but already comes packed with features. All your leads from form submissions or live chat sessions have been added to the CRM already. You also have the ability to manually add new clients to the CRM. From within the detailed view, you have the ability to add notes per client, see all communications (call tracking data, SMS, Google, Facebook and live chat). You also have the ability to send and receive SMS directly from the detailed page, see the vehicles they have shown interest in or vehicles they have said they own. Finally you have the ability to see the browsing history per client.

Labels & Campaigns
From the main table view, you have the ability to add labels, which you can use to filter clients by. You also have the ability to send and receive bulk SMS messages as well as link the clients to SMS campaigns which can be scheduled.