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Steven Arsenault 

OMNIAuto's Chief Technical Architect

Steven is a long time (see: baby boomer) technology entrepreneur. His cache of talent has led him through a virtual gauntlet of Internet and technology based challenges.

Steven started his career in Mechanical Engineering but quickly changed gears to software and was one of the early pioneers in bridging the gap between telecom systems and computer intelligence. His software became the largest product of its kind globally in an exclusive license with Nortel. Next, Newspapers and what would become online dating. When cell phones were still being talked about more than talked on, Steven was already helping to shape the global wireless blueprint. He championed a technology that acted as a cataylist for the AT&T $12.7 billion acquisition of McCaw Cellular by AT&T, then he  helped release what is now text messaging to the world. So now very time you receive or send a text message, Steven was part of that early day transition.

Parallel with that, he co founded a company that developed the world’s first “Video on Demand” technology in a partnership with a New Zealand cable corporation. The company, and its IP were later acquired for more than $400 million.

Following the acquisition, Steven found the Internet (not for the first time, just in a more profound way). Taking a keen interest in all things web, Steven specialized in messaging technologies and a messaging patent, Internet marketing, and SEO tools with his core technology company WebStager Digital Media, consistently delivered overwhelming results for his automotive dealership clients in the US and Canada. 

OMNI Auto forged a relationship with Steven's core technology company WebStager, to white label their unique content management and distribution platform for it's advanced automotive applications and content distribution technologies. The platform provides the foundation to integrate with key players in the market bring best of breed and unmatched results. 

Steven has a passion for exotic animal causes like the global awareness of Macaw parrots and their disappearing habitat in the Amazon and Central America. He also supports a few local and US bird rescue shelters.

You won't see Steven far away from his faithful companion Archie and his collection of classic Jaguars. If not at Granville Island for a daily shop or a corporate event, Archie is sure to bring joy to everyone he meets. Archie or #archietheparrot on social media is a rescue who's had many homes and has found his forever home with Steven and his life partner Mimi Klingsat.

Want to Meet People? Get a vintage Jag and a Macaw

 Interview - - Alyn Edwards - Auto journalist  / Partner in Vancouver-based public relations company - Peak Communicators.

Want to meet people get a Vintage Jaguar XK 150 and a Macaw
Steven Arsenault #archietheparrot #ABFM
Shout Out to #keanimages


Events are celebrations of massive consumer and corporate following. They are also an opportunity to measure sponsor value. OneBigBroadcast integrates a lot of moving parts that have traditionally not been integrated in the world of events.  

One Big Broadcast has extensive experience in creating a centralized platform that largely automates the traditionally fragmented marketing and social efforts associated with planning, promoting, marketing, launching and running events by automating the processes, creating and harnessing communities.

See how we've raised the bar in increasing event visibility in corporate, community and venue events.

For a full view at our experience in event marketing have a look at our video series:

Event marketing automation platform


Archie makes friends with the kids and their famlies during the Augist Motors supercar visit. 

2019 All-British Field Meet, Van Dusen Gardens, May 2019

"Understanding the majesty of individuality"

Keanimages interview:

"Life is not about fitting in or standing out. Life is about understanding the majesty of individuality. Of relishing in its gifts and beholding the wisdon that allows self to stand on its own." - Alexis Brooks


The Peak Radio Station:

"Just driving my Jag with my parrot, Living my best life."

Steven Arsenault The Peak 102.7 Modern Rock


The late Ted Stout* speaks about events as celebrations and how our event marketing automation platform; 

"Connect a lot of moving pieces that traditionally haven't been connected."

Combined it makes a huge difference for sustained community awareness, sponsor value and taking your brand to the next level.

*Ted may be gone but not forgotton.

RONALD MACDONALD HOUSE with @archietheparrot

@archietheparrot at Ronald MacDonald House Vancouver

Ronald MacDonald House with August Motors