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OMNI.AUTO, A  preferred marketing & technology platform provider for Stellantis Digital. and their proprietary platform as a preferred partner for disrupting the automotive space. has a proven capacity for realizing double-digit dealership growth through their OmniChannel retailing strategy, which unites sales and marketing efforts for operations excellence. The proprietary technology is an all-in-one solution, pushing content out at scale that circles back to your dealership and provides massive search results all with a click of a button.

Forward-thinking manufacturers are waking up to the disruptive, results-focused power of a content-first strategy.’s in-house digital platform and CMS works in tandem with exclusive digital dealer publications to put your brand’s defining features and benefits at the forefront. All the best of what you do and what makes you “you” gets pushed to hundreds of web touch spots with one click. It’ll be impossible for buyers to not find you.

Choose Omni.Auto

Save 50%*

Stellantis Digital believes in’s enterprise-grade content delivery, at scale and at your fingertips. And when you select as a preferred website and technology platform provider, Stellantis will reward your dealership with up to 50%* co-op funding to support what they consider is the future of consumer research and shopping.

Here’s how will disrupt your local automotive space and put you in a position to own your market:

Proprietary Websites’s custom CMS enables the quick creation of websites tuned for stunning SEO results and mobile-first optimization. Google will love you.

Custom Content Channels

The future of consumer research.’s proprietary Custom Content Channels offer your dealership a stream of tailored editorial content for organic SEO.

Vehicle Detail Pages

Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) with more relevant content than ever before. Rich multimedia, payment plan exploration, window stickers, and much more.

One Click Broadcasting

Turn followers into buyers. boosts your brand awareness by pushing all content, events, videos, and campaigns live with a single click.

Campaign Microsites’s microsite generator is a single online hub for special events & unique campaigns. Auto-publish to search & social; capture real-time engagement.

Digital Advertising Plus

Ready-to-buy traffic with little up-front investment.’s specialized team delivers search, social, PPC, YouTube, and more, all while sharing ROI.

Database Management’s proven database marketing is smart, lean, and powerful. The 24-month provided plan handles creative, tracking, distribution, ROI, and follow-up.

Conquest Marketing’s sophisticated conquest marketing integrates with your digital strategy to build a fast bond with potential customers. Real synergy, real results.

Dealership Training & Performance

Learn from the former #1 Canadian dealership with a custom 250-point performance map paired with on-site training for powerful sales performance. 

Custom Banners’s in-house graphics design team develops and refines your web presence, guiding your prospective customers toward the sale with dynamic content.

SEO Automation & Optimization

Leverage’s custom-built, multi-channel content engine to publish content at scale. Rank for thousands of terms on Google and disrupt your local market.

Eyes On Auto Community’s eyesonauto community lets you tap into geo-specific service specials, 20 of Canada’s finest automotive writers, and an aged inventory clear-out system.