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Realtime Digital Event Coverage – Proprietary event marketing digital broadcasting platform – Get LIVE results!

We’ve created an entire centralized platform and ecosystem that helps you plan, launch, promote, and run events with automated processes that harness the power of entire communities for your cause.

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Transforming Events Into a Cohesive Social Experience

For the National Youth Track and Field Championships,’s Social Casting Platform enabled the creation of an exclusive member platform for fans, families, athletes, and coaches, both in and around the event. It captured a real-time experience by enabling the aforementioned to create image galleries, videos, statistics, and more, and seamlessly sync with their own social media accounts for maximum exposure all on the go!

In this video, the late Ted Stout, former Ambassador for the Young Olympians, speaks to the powerful tools that made the event such a success. Ted’s work centered around memorializing those special moments, events, and activities that make life worth living. It’s thus so fitting that, now that he’s passed, his triumphs in the field also stand as a lasting reminder of his own impact an enduring, evergreen aide-moire that speaks to his legacy. We miss you, Ted!