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OMNI.AUTO: Generating An Auto Sales Tidal Wave

Ride that wave now with our innovative auto sales solutions team at 

We’ve all heard of multichannel retail techniques, which enable customers to shop and purchase online, through social media or via the good, old traditional market place – the dealership showroom. The trouble with that approach is each channel tends to operate in a silo. Today’s dealerships can be dealing with as many as 18 separate service providers, from digital marketing and CRM to lead generation and software providers.

But brings everything under one roof, integrating all those channels to enable them to work seamlessly together in what is termed OmniChannel retailing. It offers a high-quality customer experience, by uniting all sales and marketing into one cooperative wave. This results in exponential growth and reach while cutting expenses. Our US stores have witnessed double-digit growth within 90 days and continue to increase their volume and profits. Our omni channel systems also provide your ROI on spend, which other suppliers do not.

Don’t take our word for it!

CarMax, the largest used car retailer in the U.S. and a Fortune 500 company, has made OmniChannel retailing a major thrust of its retail strategy. CEO Bill Nash told investors recently that since debuting the strategy,  CarMax has seen two straight quarters of double-digit percentage gains in same-store  sales in that market, outpacing company averages.

 In October 2019, Tom Laymac, the global director of digital at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles published a report explaining how auto brands and dealers need to adopt an integrated and ‘tierless’ marketing approach. In the brief he explains how “tierless” marketing led to a more seamless customer experience and increased sales.

Laymac also makes the case for consolidated data and a “frictionless” consumer experience, which can only adequately be delivered with a tierless approach and an OmniChannel marketing strategy.”

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