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Preferred marketing & technology platform provider for Stellantis Digital

Omni Auto and our proprietary platform as a preferred partner for disrupting the automotive space.
Omni Auto has a proven capacity for realizing double-digit dealership growth through our OmniChannel retailing strategy, which unites sales and marketing efforts for operations excellence. The proprietary technology is an all-in-one solution, pushing content out at a scale that circles back to your dealership and provides massive search results all with a click of a button.



Forward-thinking manufacturers are waking up to the disruptive, results-focused power of a content-first strategy. Omni Auto’s in-house digital platform and CMS works in tandem with exclusive digital dealer publications to put your brand’s defining features and benefits at the forefront. All the best of what you do and what makes you – “YOU” gets pushed to hundreds of web touch spots with one click. It’ll be impossible for buyers to not find you.