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OmniChannel Retail

OmniChannel Retail: Sales Tidal Wave of the Future

Ride the wave now—not tomorrow—with the innovative auto sales solutions team at

In this business, we’ve all heard of, or benefitted from, multichannel retail techniques. These enable customers to shop and purchase online through social media or via the good old traditional market place—the dealership showroom. 


The trouble with that approach is each channel tends to operate in a silo.


It’s so yesterday.


OmniChannel retailing integrates all channels and offers a high-quality customer experience, uniting all sales and marketing into one cooperative wave.


Don’t take our word for it. Scan the independent observations to the right on the value of what we at can bring to your business.

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CarMax benefits from OMNIChannel Marketing

“CarMax had an outstanding first quarter,” said Bill Nash, president and chief executive officer. “I’m proud of our team and its commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to both our retail and wholesale customers, which drove our strong growth in sales, gross profit and earnings.
“In addition, we’re pleased with the continued strong response to our omni-channel roll-out in Atlanta,” stated Nash. “In early June, we successfully launched this capability in most of our Florida markets, along with opening our first customer experience center in Atlanta. We believe that no other company is in a better position to deliver this omni-channel experience efficiently and profitably. This is truly an unmatched experience that we are confident is the future of car buying.”

CarMax Innovates with Omnichannel Strategy

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