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omni auto recognized as one of the Top 10 Canada Automotive Technology Solution Providers 2022 – Auto Tech Outlook

The latest Consumer study shows that 93 percent of Consumers now select a dealership based solely on the Dealer’s website and online reviews. Now at a staggering number, these potential Buyers depend completely on their online experience, leaving Dealers to quickly improve aging online platforms. It is a complex process, as most automobile retailers face the problem of coordinating with many different providers and suppliers to establish an integrated and effective marketing strategy. It requires them to market through multiple channels to create a seamless customer journey, which can prove daunting.

omni auto, is Canada’s only automotive website and marketing solutions company to streamline this entire process by bringing all providers under one web platform, which was recently ranked #1 in Canada. Comprising some of the former largest car dealers in Canada, the omni auto team relates to, and understands the needs of its clients much better than competitors as it is in tune with all the relevant strategies followed in the market and approach their requirements with a broad understanding of the industry.

“It’s crazy most Dealerships still run basic websites from 5-10 years ago? Our latest “APEX” platform provides the highest- performing websites in Canada while integrating the best marketing providers in North America. All of them work seamlessly on one omnichannel platform, a solution never before available to Dealers,” says Brent F Marshall, CEO of omni auto.

omni auto has an integrated provider for each client requirement, including digital, conquest marketing, personalized database marketing, social media and fixed operations marketing. These teams work together and send the same message to a client across various media platforms, resulting in a strategy that provides exponential traffic and quality leads.

“Considering how current consumers shop, a dealer’s website and consistent messaging is their most important piece,” says Marshall.

omni auto offers the most advanced yet user-friendly web platform that implements a content strategy to keep customers engaged. At the dealership level, clients can easily make changes to the layout through simple and effective tools and come up with a unique design for their site. Dedicated Dealer Relationship Managers, Performance Coaching and Tech support is included to help clients develop novel strategies through proven or new ideas to stand out. The proprietary omni auto Dealer Dashboard is just another way omni provides user-friendly features that gives clients a clear view of their results, which include how all marketing is working, their ROI, and other helpful statistics.

Working with dealers all over Canada and the U.S. allows omni auto to try new retail strategies and market practices in regions where they do business. When these programs are successful, omni auto brings them to the attention of other clients and advises them to try the program if it suits their retail and marketing needs. This way, omni auto stays on top of new industry trends and provides clients with innovative ideas.

Client relations are maintained through dedicated relationship managers and performance coaches who assist them in real-time, a service not commonly seen in the industry. This creative drive keeps omni auto’s clients satisfied. They provide various proven programs for clients to try and then share the ROI during the free monthly coaching. Omni is the only provider that does not ask for contracts on any of their programs, even their websites, so Dealers can feel comfortable trying out the services at any time.

By unifying all omnichannel retailing needs under one roof, omni auto has created a unique digital marketing platform for car dealerships that is hard to pass up. Backed by its extensive first-hand experience in the industry, omni auto wants to help more new clients set up a complete online presence that amplifies their brand.

Written by Autotech Outlook

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