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The automotive industry is ripe for change.

And we’re the ones ushering in the revolution.

Previously, auto dealerships have coped with the harsh reality of complex management, fragmented suppliers, and discordant marketing. With so many processes at odds with one another and so many disparate third-party solutions attempting to cobble it all together, a cohesive and integrated business approach just hasn’t been possible.

Until now.

Shaking Up the Status Quo!

Omni Auto is here to disrupt the status quo, upend the apple cart, and transform the way you do business. We’re offering a true one-stop-shop for your dealership’s needs for the first time in Canada, you can now bring harmony to your operations and marketing by turning to one source for everything.

Here at Omni Auto, it all starts with our tried and tested strategy for comprehensive marketing/sales, fixed operations, and customer retention. Through leveraging the decades of experience of our automotive consultants and the technical sophistication of our do-it-all proprietary online dealership platform, we’re able to provide for the full customer journey. We will:

Digital Advertising

Climb to the top of search rankings with our comprehensive approach! Our custom-built multi-channel content engine enables you to publish exceptional content at a massive scale, helping you rank on Google for the terms your prospective buyers are searching for. And it isn’t just your pre-produced content, our team of professional auto journalists will create content on your behalf, pushing it out to your blogs and social properties with our custom one-click broadcasting solution that’s bolstered by our mobile-first approach. We turn your brand into a beacon for organic search.

However, we don’t stop there. Our Search Marketing Plus tools enable you to smartly integrate pay-per-click (PPC) advertising into your strategy, gifting you ready-to-buy traffic with little up-front investment. And because we combine all of the above with superior video production, savvy community-building, full special events planning support, and hands-off database management, you’ll benefit thanks to an all-encompassing digital strategy.

Conquest and Print Marketing

Fill your database with buyers! Our conquest marketing proves that “snail mail” isn’t dead, we synthesize your campaigns with our industry-leading digital strategy for a sweet symphony of integration. And with our 240-point GM/sales manager training and syndication of all print assets with local newspapers and magazines, you’ll be firing on all cylinders.

Training Programs

Dominate your competition thanks to streamlined operations! We elevate your sales team and internal dealership operations to the next level by enabling you to learn directly from the force behind the former #1 dealership across Canada. On-site training and a custom 240-point dealership performance map are structured to promote massive sales. Further, the synergy offered between our aforementioned creative specialties, community building, video production, a robust event site generator, and more results in a supercharged suite of solutions that will have your retail location humming along.

The Omni Auto Difference is the seamless integration of advanced staff training, database management, marketing ideas, content creation, promotions, and digital tools. It’s all under one roof and all provided via turn-key solutions primed for today’s complex and ever-changing landscape.

Let’s get started together, today.