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<a href="><img src="images/upload/icons/education-research-54-creative-mind.png"alt="An icon of a white head outlined in blue, with a lightbulb representing the brain. Illumination lines are emitting from the bulb to suggest an idea is occurring/></a>It’s an all too common (and all too costly) mistake. Automotive dealerships believe that the shopping experience begins, and ends, online. They funnel their resources toward developing an engaging digital brand; and they spare little concern for their on-site solutions. Consumers, they argue, are buying from the comfort of home.

This, OmniAuto knows, isn’t entirely true.

Think With Google reports that, while car sales start online, more than 95% of purchases still happen at the dealership - and this translates to a need for superior lead management practices. Teams must learn how to translate virtual interest into real-world success. 

This is why OmniAuto offers more than content marketing. Instead we enable our clients to enhance the brick-and-mortar experience - delivering crucial research sheets that will allow teams to nurture on-site leads. These resources guide representatives through the consumer process, explaining how to develop relationships. Take advantage of communication tips; learn how to maximize walk-ins; and utilize daily planners to organize information. We will teach you how to optimize your real-world sales, rather than focusing solely on your digital strategies. 

Want to enhance your on-site leads? Contact our team today to learn more about our available dealer resources.