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online content blog marketing for auto dealerships vancouver bcAt OmniAuto (OA), we understand that content truly is king. When applied to your auto dealership, that means that creation and management must be equally focused upon in order to garner the desired result. Fortunately for you, OA specializes in just this kind of across-the-board content coordination in the automotive space.

Our solution here at OA is a one-two punch of content creation and promotion. Firstly, our seasoned squad of automotive journalists works on your behalf to push out superlative original content centered around your dealership. This includes blogs, event pages, banner campaigns, and more, all of which are written to present your business in its best light to a local audience. From there, our proprietary CMS—built from the ground up to serve the needs of dealerships and to index with Google on a continual basis—will publish your content in a manner that maximizes its digital reach. With our team and our platform working for you, you’ll find yourself on the first page of Google’s results in short order.

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