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OmniAuto Leverages Proprietary Technology and a Mobile-First Approach For Your Dealership

(Posted on Aug 1, 2019 at 09:24PM by Billy Kirk)
omniauto offers dealerships AI inventoryOmniAuto (OA) is here to transform the way you do business. As part of our suite of solutions, we offer a proprietary AI-driven inventory accelerator to boost all of your efforts. Imagine being able to read your customers’ minds and show them the precise inventory they were just perusing—well, this technology enables you to do so. It’s like having full access to a team of digital robots working on your behalf to sell your dealership’s automobiles.

Of course, fancy digital robots and slick inventory systems won’t get you nearly as far as it could (and should) in this world of tablets and 
smartphones if it isn’t optimized for all screen sizes. That’s why everything we do on your behalf at OA is supercharged with a mobile-first approach. Our solution ensures that your mobile users never lack the functionality they need to move forward with their purchase. We’re here to offer you fantastic conversion rates, no matter where and how your leads start their journey with you.

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