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omniauto transforms your local outreach with powerful event planning tools in vancouverHere’s a not-well-kept secret: Auto dealerships that engage with their local community sell more cars. Of course, while that’s easily said and understood, the reality is that actually taking that information and putting a plan in action to achieve such engagement is quite another thing altogether. Without the correct strategy and tools, your dealership’s event-based efforts will suffer. Hint: that’s where we come in.

OmniAuto (OA) is here to help you take control of your event planning and local outreach. Our event site generator enables you to craft a single online hub for all dealership special events. You’ll be able to swiftly and easily capture real-time engagement whilst generating compelling content. And your events certainly won’t exist in a vacuum—with our platform, you’ll be able to push your campaigns to the local community via search and social. This traffic and excitement all gets funneled back to your website, leading to more prospective buyers and a greater number of satisfied customer testimonials. Like everything else we do at OA, it’s a full-service approach.

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