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At OmniAuto (OA), we’re here to supercharge everything about how you do business—and that starts with your internal dealership operations and sales team. All the search engine optimization, pay-per-click-advertising, and print marketing wizardry won’t amount to anything if you don’t have a team and infrastructure that’s poised and ready to close the deal.

Here’s what we do: We provide on-site training and a complete restructuring and streamlining of your operations to ensure you’re optimized to “sell, sell, sell.” We’re not interested in having your compete with local dealerships; instead, we aim to provide you with the jet fuel you need to rocket past them.

The above all sounds nice, sure, but how do we do it, specifically? Well, we leverage the expertise of the force behind the former #1 dealership in all of Canada to provide you with a custom-made 240-point dealership performance map. Further, the rest of our squad of blue-chip auto consultants and coaches will be on-hand to train your team with best-practice guidelines that will elevate your dealership to new heights.

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