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<a href="><img src="mages/upload/icons/seo-media-search-optimize-page_2.png>alt="A white icon of a website, with blue lines representing text and a magnifying glass positioned on top/></a>The purpose of consumer-driven dealer content extends far beyond search rankings. Instead it is meant to engage, entertain, and entice key demographics - offering substantive information that can assist drivers with their purchasing decisions. This is why OmniAuto delivers both short-form and long-form publications. 

A one-size-suits-all marketing philosophy no longer applies to the automotive world. Dealerships must instead tailor their content to consumer needs - utilizing short-form and long-form options in a multi-faceted marketing approach.

Short-Form - the value of these publications is convenience. Readers can quickly find key research points without having to scroll through pages of dense content. This proves especially useful on mobile devices, affording easy scannability on a small screen; and it allows for a more prominent display of inventory links and other CTAs. These blogs, infographics, and social media posts are intended to spark a reaction.

Long-Form - the purpose of these publications is to educate. Information is thoughtfully presented, and consumers are able to have their questions answered by trusted experts. It isn’t a quick scan. Instead it is an investment of time that will yield crucial results, strengthening a buyer’s resolve and assisting the sales process. These white-papers, review guides, and web-pages will bolster every dealership.

To ensure that our clients can optimize their campaigns, OmniAuto delivers both short-form and long-form content - allowing automotive dealers to better respond to consumer needs. Contact us today to start your custom marketing strategy.
<a href="><img src="images/upload/icons/ccommunication-satellite-dish.png>alt="An icon of a blue and white satellite dish, with sound waves emitting from it/></a>Is less really more? Dealerships have been pondering this question, wondering if their endless social tools could be overwhelming their teams (and undermining their performance). Automotive News reports that retailers spend - on average - 3.7 hours each day trying to manage their many sale silos across 4.5 provider dashboards. Of these individuals, however, a staggering 81% want an easier way to review results; while 78% wish they had help in identifying the best metrics to use.

Enter OmniAuto.

We believe that too much of a good thing is a complication dealers just don’t need. This is why we’ve streamlined automotive marketing - delivering content coordination, management, and publishing under a single system. No longer will dealerships have to sample multiple service tools or providers. Instead our team simplifies the process through:

Database Management

Receive a comprehensive database analysis (which includes removing duplicate content and managing links) that will optimize your site for search.

Search Marketing

Take advantage of our in-house team of paid-per-click experts, who will guide you through the Google process and deliver scalable results.

Publishing Tools

Utilize our proprietary CMS to index content with Google, automatically improving search rankings and increasing traffic results. 

We enable dealerships to seamlessly measure, and engage, with their content - sparing them the frustration of countless management tools. To learn more about our multi-tier services contact our team.