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<a href=""><img src="images/upload/August_2019/GettyImages-985088654.jpg"alt="An elderly couple sitting in the front seat of a new car, with a car dealer representative passing them the keys"/></a>The dealership landscape is changing - with omnichannel marketing cutting through the muck and mire of failed lead conversions, weak content coordination, and ineffective SEO strategies. The consumer experience is now at the forefront, rather than lingering on the borderline of self-contained sales silos; and leading brands are taking note of the new digital environment.

They are also taking note of OmniAuto (OA).

We are honoured to now serve as a certified digital partner of Stellantis Digital. This program enables dealerships to maximize sales - utilizing certified online tools and solutions to expand their social impacts. Due to its multi-tiered approach to marketing, OA was selected to help take this idea to the next level. 

As a preferred partner of Stellantis Digital, we now assist Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo dealerships - delivering content-focused strategies and one-click broadcasting. We bring omnichannel retailing to Canada, utilizing our proprietary distribution platform to seamlessly connect automotive providers to their consumers; and, through this, we redefine the shopping experience. 

Want to learn more? Request additional information about our omnichannel solutions - as well as the Stellantis Digital program - from our team today.