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Mike Miller

Our Senior Trainer

Variety isn’t just the spice of life. It’s also the cornerstone of successful marketing – which is why Mike Miller welcomes each new experience. He knows that multifaceted problems require equally multifaceted solutions, and he draws from his years within the automotive sales and service industries to show dealerships how to optimize their brands from every possible angle.

Born and raised in Burns Lake, Mike boasts experience with North America’s leading automotive brands – including Dodge, General Motors, and Ford. He began his career in high school, working within the detailing and lot management fields. After pursuing his education he then returned to the car world in 2010 – becoming the top sales representative for Chrysler (BC) just a year later. 

Since then, he has gained experience as a Sales Manager, Used Car Manager, New Car Manager, and General Manager; and his understanding of how dealerships can deliver superior shopping experiences makes him a perfect addition to the OmniAuto team. He will serve as our Senior Trainer, connecting clients to the skills they need to transform their brands. 

When he’s not helping to redefine automotive marketing, Mike enjoys boating, fishing, and spending time on his ATV.