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May Feature Updates: Google Merchant, Pricing Features, and More

We are making your life easier with our Platform Updates.

It’s been another exciting month at Omni Auto. As always, we want to thank everyone for the wonderful ideas that get integrated and benefit everyone.

Google Merchant Integration
is now fully integrated with the backend and we invite everyone that haven’t already, to reach out to us to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to expose your inventory directly in Google Search results.

Unique Pricing Feature
We would like to thank Steve, for the wonderful idea of adding a, backend manageable, addon charges and additional discount sections. We also took the opportunity to display the pricing layout that your clients experience in the backend.

Additional Pricing Layouts
Our templates now support a total of 4 VDP pricing structures. Highlighting financing payments, leasing payments and sales price respectively based on what you as a dealer want to focus on!

Optional Search Bar 
The Apex template now has the option to have a comprehensive search bar enabled on the landing page, allowing your customers to search your inventory instantly.

VDP Printed Easily
If you haven’t noticed yet, head over to the VDP page and you will see the ability to print the VDP page. A lot of dealerships are using as a printed information sheet to add into vehicles on the lot.