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Mark  Johnson

Mark Johnson started his career with the goal of becoming a commercial illustrator. After completing his degree in Advertising and Illustrating Arts, he went on to learn more about the printing industry through taking on a printing apprenticeship and graduating to journeyman lithographer. (This was before computers were a part of daily business. OH LORDY!) 


As a technical consultant to the printing industry, Mark enjoyed fielding problems and loved finding solutions.  In 1998, as founding CEO & President of Debbie-lee Advertising Inc., he led his team to specializing in the automotive industry, later becoming a Chrysler conquest vender for the western region. 


With 35 years of experience in printing, illustration and marketing, Mark is innovative in keeping up with the times. He has developed a unique interactive proofing platform and takes pleasure in working live on-line with his customers.  His superb communication skills and attention to detail help provide his clients with superlative professional advise.  


At present time as Director, Sales and Marketing with Mid Island Media, Mark enjoys collaborating with clients and leading the Mid Island creative team with designs that are custom tailored to specific dealerships and are highly targeted to attract and engage new prospects.


Mark is very much a family man and loves spending time with his wife and kids. (When the latter have time to visit!) Whether at home on Vancouver Island or at his favorite getaway—Kona, Hawaii—he likes to keep his lifestyle simple. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and camping in different locations on Vancouver Island with his wife.

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