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Mario Garcia

With over 12 years of in-depth business & marketing experience working with Canada’s biggest automotive companies, Mario Garcia is racing through the industry with his strategic approach to marketing and business.  A proud member of the Xennial generation, he acknowledges conventional business tactics don’t work and brings a new era of marketing and sales that embraces technology with digital strategies to build businesses. 

Mario’s personable and approachable demeanor allows for easy adoption in different situations whether it’s new technologies, CRM solutions, or cutting-edge marketing tactics. He has over 100 dealerships business strategies to his name, including sales programs & processes, finance departments, fixed operations, and, of course, MARKETING  His passion lies in marketing strategy, and gladly answers every dealership’s BIG question is what marketing should I be doing that will generate the best results?

Mario helps dealerships rapidly scale their business growth in a matter of 30 days.

What people are saying about Mario and his company:

Some of the absolute best and most successful marketing campaigns I launched were with and because of Mario!

– Jim

It’s working, HOLY F@%K!!!

– Mike

Mario is constantly pushing the envelope on behalf of his dealers and continually sees an edge to gain more market share, leads, gross profit and units sales.

– Will

This guy knows his stuff! Because of his knowledge and expertise, we increased our business by 35%.

– Scott

In an era where it seems like everybody is improvising themselves as automotive marketing experts, Mario is the REAL THING. His deep understanding of the automotive world, the science of marketing as a whole, and traditional vs. new media make him the perfect trifecta to bet on if you want to move more metal in the new economy!”

–  Sean