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Feature Updates & Continuous Improvement

We have realized that a lot of our continuous improvements and feature updates, initiated by our team as well as the wonderful ideas coming from our clients, might be beneficial to share with everyone each month!

With this in mind, we are going to be starting a monthly update Newsletter to highlight all the new features and updates we are providing so you and your team are aware of them.

View Count
Thanks to another brilliant feature request from one of our clients, we have now made it possible for you to show a view count on the VDP if you so choose. The idea is to drive urgency as is common practice on online selling platforms and have a proven track record.

Campaign cards
You now have the ability to schedule campaign cards and set the frequency to appear in your SRP pages. You can set when they start and when they end, and everything is taken care for you. Speak to your reputation manager to set up your first campaign as an opportunity to see how it works.

Search update
A great idea from one of our clients has generated an exciting new Search experience that everyone is raving about. Our new search logic learns from patterns and adjusts to changes in trends. Give it a go and let us know if you have any suggestions to further improve this function. We have now also added auto submit.

We noticed that clients needed to constantly change images to reflect temporary overlays. Omni Auto to the rescue, you now have the ability to set overlays based on status or individually on all Inventory.

Recent speed increases
Some of our clients have noticed the amazingly fast load times, which were already industry beating before. And, yes, there have been some further improvements made to our platform to allow for this. This is a ever ongoing endeavor to remain ahead of our competition… although they seemed to have given up long ago.

Auto CRM Solutions in development

Your input please!

With the recent announcement that VIN Solutions and are leaving Canada, we have been requested to create a new updated version of a CRM for Dealers so will be reaching out to get your input soon. Our goal is to create the best Dealership CRM possible based on user input!

There are many more exciting updates coming in the coming weeks and we will keep you abreast of all the new changes. We once again welcome new feature requests and ideas, as it makes the platform better for all of us. There are no bad ideas, well almost no bad ideas, so keep them coming and thank you for being a great partner in our ever evolving platform.