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Digital Advertising

Climb to the top of search rankings with our comprehensive approach and optimized content.

Maximum SEO Visibility

Easily power your dealership to the top of the search engines and leave your competition asking how you did it. Our custom-built multi-channel content engine helps you publish content at scale, in a way Google loves, so your website will quickly rank for thousands of terms your buyers are searching for. 

There will be over 100 million smartphone voice assistance users in 2020. This is a different SEO approach than in the past. Are you ready? Because we are.

Content Coordination & Management

“Content is king” has never been more accurate. We supply you with a team of professional auto writers led by a veteran automotive journalist to ensure you always get the best content that not only hits all the tech specs but wraps it in a story to glue your visitor’s eyes to the screen. This is the premium-grade fuel that powers your SEO rankings and marketing campaigns.

Of course, promoting the content is just as important as the creation.  With the influx of mass amounts of content being created by businesses trying to get found online, the key to maximizing your SEO from content creation is promoting the content.  We do that on several levels:

  1. Proprietary CMS is designed to index with Google on a continuous basis, ensuring your content ranks at the top of all types of search inquiries including complicated searches.

2. Taking our articles and syndicating them with newspapers and magazines.

3. Having a website specifically designed for consumer engagement through the absorption of created content.

Database Marketing & Management

An efficient database makes sales and marketing easier. Clean out old listings, remove duplicates, and set your database on fire with our proven database marketing plan. With our 24-month provided advertising plan, it’s completely hands-off. 


Your dealership website and ongoing campaigns should speak to your local market. We’ll create a signature look for your dealership and then meld it with our robust platform, turning it into a beacon for organic search and an active ecosystem attracting hungry auto shoppers. With the auto industry spending over 18 billion dollars on digital ads, it’s important your brand’s look attracts today’s educated consumers.

One-Click Broadcasting

One-click broadcasting saves your dealership time and money. Push out all your content, video, events, and campaigns at once with a single click. Social media management has never been this easy! It’s all powered by our custom software designed to grow your presence and turn followers into buyers, all the while taking your brand awareness and SEO to new heights.

Eyes On Auto

Spread your newsworthy content across this popular online marketplace that is read daily by top decision-makers, dealers, and manufacturers in the auto industry. Gain access to instant authority, credibility, and relationships other dealers dream about.

Video Production

Give your visitors video content that serves a purpose: entertaining and immersive video test drives and auto walk-arounds, all produced by our own team of production experts. Capture what makes your brand “unique” and hook buyers in an informative and educated way, driving massive amounts of traffic to your dealer site.

AI Inventory Accelerator

Read your customers’ minds and show them the exact inventory they’ve just looked at. With our proprietary AI-driven inventory accelerator, you’ll get access to a team of digital robots selling cars on your behalf.

Mobile-First Approach

Without a mobile presence, your dealership is dead. Buyers start their journey on mobile you need to meet them where they are at. Our mobile-first approach ensures you meet your mobile buyers needs with ease and offer an experience that keeps them glued to their phones, all while giving them exactly what they want out of your site.

Don’t forget the following: For the first time ever, US consumers will spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV, with smartphone use now dominating time spent.

Search Marketing Plus

Pay-per-click advertising can be a huge money drain when done the wrong way. Our team of advertising experts uses hard-won Google advertising knowledge coupled with our unique technology to deliver you ready-to-buy traffic with little up-front investment. Scaling your dealership with paid traffic has never been easier and more profitable!

Conquest Marketing

Snail mail isn’t dead. Use our proven conquest marketing service to fill your lead database with hot buyers quickly. Plus, integrate this with your existing digital strategy to build a bond with your potential customers before you even pick up the phone.

Fixed Ops

Your dealership won’t just compete, it will dominate with our team of trusted auto consultants pulled from the top dealerships across Canada. Access our dedicated coaches, processing, best-practice guidelines, and tracking that’ll supercharge your dealership. These are the hidden secrets your dealership can’t live without.

Community Building

Turn your loyal buyers into brand evangelists and undercover salespeople. Our integrated community features give you 100% access and communication with your community of current and new car shoppers. Activate the future of online car buying with this innovative tool.

Campaigns & Special Events

Your company events don’t have to exist in a vacuum. Our platform will take your community or local event campaigns and broadcast them all over search and social. Plus, all this traffic and attention is directed back to your main website. Participation in the community wins loyal shoppers. Say hello to a swarm of new leads!