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Brent Marshall

OmniAuto's Operations Specialist

Brent Marshall Omni Auto

Marshall’s meteoric rise has been no coincidence. His disruptive approach to marketing, savvy integration of 21st-century technologies, and thorough mastery of process efficiencies enabled him to build and operate the #1 Chrysler/Jeep & Ram truck dealership in Canada for several years.

Incredibly, this wasn’t the first time for Marshall. Early in his career, he created the #1 GM truck dealership in Canada—in a northern town of only 3,400 individuals—as well as earned the distinction of the #1 volume Dodge dealership in B.C. for nine years. 

Other milestones include:

  • #1 Salesperson in B.C when first starting in automotive
  • Elected Chrysler Dealer Advertising Association (DAA) President for six years
  • Operated market leading Ford, Nissan and Hyundai dealerships
  • Trained eight wildly successful dealer principles
  • Trained and mentored countless Salespeople, Sales Managers and Finance Managers

Along the way, Marshall has been honoured as Business Person of the Year, Corporate Citizen of the Year, Charity Gamechanger 2018, and the Face of Philanthropy for Canada’s Okanagan.

Philanthropic Entrepreneur


While Marshall has made his mark on a menagerie of industries—auto, aviation, real estate, film production, construction, and health, to name a few—it is his philanthropic work benefitting children and the community that is perhaps his most fulfilling endeavour. 

Brent's determination to have all of his companies donate to charity has allowed him to construct a Children’s Wing on the UNBC hospital, an outdoor patio for a paediatric ward, a Cancer Lodge Family Room, an outdoor all-wheels park for kids, and large donations to over 30 other charities. 

Marshall has orchestrated the donation of nearly $5 million dollars to charities this past 15 years, earning him the title of "The Face of Philanthropy”.

Read more about how Brent Marshall is leveraging business success to help those in need (PDF).

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Brent Marshall - CEO
mobile - 250 961-5254
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brent marshall omniauto bio

brent marshall omniauto bio


brent marshall omniauto bio

brent marshall omniauto bio

Chris Dias of The Scene Magazine profiles Brent Marshall’s illustrious history of philanthropy, with a focus on his involvement with children’s charities and investments in local businesses. And the Marvel metaphor? Well, “Canadian Stark” is the kind of moniker you tend to earn when you also just happen to race supercars and own jetpacks.
















Brent Marshall, CEO OMNI auto


Brent Marchall - CEO
mobile - 250 961-5254
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