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30 Most Reputable Companies of the year 2023 – The Silicone Review

Ushering in a revolution and disrupting the status quo in the automotive industry:

Auto Retailers have previously had to face the harsh reality and frustration of dealing with more than 20 separate suppliers for their marketing needs, including websites, multiple social media platforms, conquest, database and digital marketing to name just a few. With complicated administration, increasing costs and no collaboration between them, this “silo approach” creates inconsistent messaging and a poor consumer experience. A unified and integrated business strategy has simply not been achievable with so many processes that are in conflict with one another and so many different third-party solutions that are poorly pieced together. has broken all these barriers, disrupting the industry and transforming the way business is run by offering the latest in websites and omnichannel retailing services all working in unison and together under one roof. The company has established a fully integrated marketing strategy for their clients and provide a multitude of services including Canada’s highest ranked websites, digital marketing, social media, content creation, reputation management, database and conquest marketing and everything in between.

Brent Marshall, CEO of, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review on how their company is transforming the automotive industry through comprehensive dealership solutions.

Canada’s Top Omnichannel Retailing Platform is North America’s only website and marketing solutions company that has streamlined the entire process by bringing all products under one platform and has recently been recommended by Google as the only omnichannel provider doing so. The team, which includes a focus group of the former biggest automobile dealers in Canada, connects with and comprehends the demands of its customers much better than rivals because it is aware of all the pertinent market strategies and tackles their requirements with a better understanding of the sector.

Most Dealerships have more than 20 distinct suppliers, and because none of them collaborate, managing them takes a lot of effort. In order for all of those channels to function flawlessly together in what is known as “omnichannel retailing,” has unified them under one roof. By combining all sales and marketing messages into one cohesive wave, it provides the best possible customer experience. This strategy creates exponential growth, makes it possible to reduce costs and is far easier for Dealers to manage. assists new clients in creating a comprehensive online presence that strengthens their brand. This is possible because of its considerable first-hand knowledge in the sector. “Our Canadian and US stores have witnessed double-digit growth within 90 days and continue to increase their volume and profits. Our omnichannel reporting systems also provide your ROI on spend, which other suppliers do not,” said Brent Marshall.

Transforming Clients into Brand Evangelists

Every customer need, including those for digital, conquest marketing, tailored database marketing, social media, and fixed operations marketing is supported by a Dedicated Dealership Relationship Manager and Performance Coach at This ensures their team communicate the same message to clients across a variety of media channels, resulting in a “tierless strategy” that generates astronomical traffic and high-quality leads.

“Considering how current consumer are shopping, a dealer’s website and consistent messaging are the most important pieces,” says Marshall. offers the most advanced yet user-friendly web platform that implements a content strategy to keep customers engaged. Dealers can easily alter the layout using straightforward tools at the dealership level to create a distinctive style for their website. Specialized Dealer Relationship Managers, Performance Coaching, and Tech Support are offered at no-charge to clients to assist them in creating innovative tactics using tried-and-true or fresh concepts to stand out. The exclusive Dealer Dashboard is just one more example of the user-friendly features that offers customers so they can see their results clearly, including how well all marketing is performing, their ROI, and other useful statistics, even peer comparisons.

Partnering with dealers across Canada and the United States enables to experiment with different retail tactics and business methods in the areas where they operate. When these new initiatives are proven effective, alerts other clients to them in non-competing markets and enables them to try these cutting-edge programs. In this way, keeps up with emerging market trends and continuously offers clients creative new solutions. clients are delighted thanks to this creative drive and real time support. Clients can also choose from a number of tried-and-true plans, with ROI shared during the free monthly coaching. Another Industry-First,, does not require contracts for any of their programs or websites, allowing dealers to feel free to test out the services whenever they want.

Brent Marshall: A Philanthropic Leader Giving Back to Society

Brent Marshall has made his mark in a variety of fields, including auto, aviation, construction, health, movie production, and real estate to name a few, but his philanthropic work and 4 children are his true passion. The children’s wing of the UNBC hospital, an outdoor patio for a paediatric ward, cancer lodge family rooms, an outdoor all-wheels park for kids, and significant donations to more than 50 other charities have all been made possible thanks to Brent’s determination to have all of his companies donate to charity. He has orchestrated the donation of more than $5 million dollars to charities over the past 15 years, earning him the title: “The Face of Philanthropy.”

“I believe it’s socially responsible for every successful business to give back to their community in some way and help support others.”


Over the past 24 months, omni. auto has added several all-new products to the industry, many winning awards due to their customer focus. These include “APEX”, their award winning web platform, “” advanced chat service, Google Customer Relationship Tool, Dealer Dashboard, “Price Drop Notifier” , and Website Scheduling & Broadcast Tools.

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